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MAKSIMUM. Govorim po-russki

The Russian language and Russian culture online courses for foreigners.

Russian as a foreign language: Beginner level (А1)

Level of Russian required: none

Good for basic everyday communication and understanding simple phrases.

Russian as a foreign language: Pre-Intermediate level (А2)

Level of Russian required: Beginner (А1)

Good for learning how to communicate in different everyday events.

This is the minimum level to apply for The Russian Federation citizenship.

Russian as a foreign language: Intermediate level (B1)

Level of Russian required: Pre-Intermediate (А2)

You’ll learn how to express yourself and communicate in most everyday situations.

This is the minimum level to apply for bachelor’s and specialization programs in Russian universities and colleges.

Russian as a foreign language: Upper-Intermediate level (B2)

Level of Russian required: Intermediate (B1)

You'll be able to communicate in all spheres and understand Russian literary language.

This is the minimum level to apply to postgraduate programs in Russian universities.

Preparation for Russian State Exam on the Russian language

Level of Russian required: Intermediate (B1)

A special course for those who want to take Russian State Exam in the Russian language and apply to bachelor’s and vocational programs.

Russian culture

Level of Russian required: Upper-Intermediate (B2)

The course studies Russian history and culture through literature and arts, offering an opportunity to improve language skills and widen culture knowledge.

How to start learning?

All our courses are free of charge.

Apply for a course and get access to the platform

Complete the registration procedures until 20 October via the link below. Follow the instructions in one of the languages.

Take a test of your current level of Russian

After the test you’ll get access to one of our six Russian as a foreign language courses.

Complete the course and get a certificate

Courses are held from September to December 2023. After successful completion of the course you’ll be awarded a certificate from MAKSIMUM.

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Instructions to the registration procedures:


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About us

Why can you trust us?

MAKSIMUM Obrazovaniye works in collaboration with MAXIMUM Education (Umax LLC), which has successfully been developing and implementing educational courses for more than 10 years. These are various courses in different fields based on in-house research and expertise. Since 2022, the companies together have been executing international educational projects.

Licensed training

MAKSIMUM Obrazovaniye is licensed to conduct additional educational activities for children and adults.

Innovation environment

We are a resident of “Skolkovo” innovation centre and have been creating and maintaining its functioning in the field of innovations.

State accreditation

We are an IT-company accredited by the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation.


Application process is open: courses on Russian for foreigners

The project “MAKSIMUM. Govorim po-russki” has opened the registration for Russian as a foreign language courses.

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